Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey!

A friend of our clinic’s owner went to Turkey to have hair transplant surgery, so we asked him to tell us about the procedure and the down time afterwards! We were lucky enough to receive images of the process as well. We hope this helps to inform any future clients of what this life changing procedure is REALLY like!


The patient is totally awake and you walk out from the procedure.

It is important not to bump your head, or might lose a graft or two.

The basic instructions are:

  • To sleep with head elevated in first 2 to 5 days
  • Not scratch or rub grafts out in first 7 to 12 days.
  • After 10 or 12 days the grafts all have re-established 100% blood vessel connection and cannot be lost due to rubbing.
  • Wash softly (bring plastic cup to shower to apply water) and pat gently on scalp, NOT rubbing in first week or more (as instructed)
  • Scabs or flaky skin appears after a few days and takes up to 2 weeks to fall out (with what appears to be dead hairs – but not to worry as the root remains).
  • Scabs/flaky skin are essentially the “skin material around the grafts that were implanted”, and hence nothing to worry about if you give it a soft soapy wash daily.
  • New hair and some existing hair (shock loss) happens over the following weeks and everything looks great after a 3.5 to 6 months

Basic problems that can happen:

  • Sleeping was hard the first 2 days. This was the biggest problem and sleeping pill could help.
  • Did not understand two different pills are provided. One is to reduce swelling and other for pain, (and understood another was antibiotic).
  • Make sure to bring own neck travel pillow with a cover (one was provided but with no cover) to hold up head when sleeping/resting
  • Fluids used in procedure drain down from scalp over the 2 night after the FUE procedure
  • Swelling can occur for some people, but I used fingers to push/massage fluid under skin to sides of forehead and under eyes
  • On 2nd night sleep (the bandage was removed in morning) the holes or donor sites at back of head leak out a sticky clear fluid during the night.
  • This fluid leaking is normal. However, bring along some soupy hand disinfectant wipes (with moisturizer/ vitamin E in the ones I had) to gently wipe/pat off neck/back off head, but also to wipe clean neck brace/ travel pillow.
  • was a bit too keen on massaging off the scabs around 9 to 11 days


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