Our tours are for those who are looking for the additional reassurance and peace of mind by having one of the Rx OS Medical staff accompany them on their getaway.

Have you thought about having your cosmetic, dental or eye procedure but not comfortable to travel alone?

If you are unsure about travelling alone, join one of our Escorted Groups. We can make your surgical journey enjoyable and stress-free. By travelling with you to your destination be it, Bangkok, Phuket or South Africa from Australia, and can also meet at the destination so you can travel from anywhere in the world.

Stay in luxury 5 Star accomodation.

We coordinate all your airport/hotel/hospital transfers, flights, accommodation, surgery booking and tours.

This is the perfect solution for people not wanting to travel solo, or people venturing abroad for the first time.

Rx OS Medical groups offer peace of mind, you are escorted by a trained cosmetic nurse with support after discharge from hospital for 3 days, then local carer support util you return home. We also offer an interpreter at time of consult with the surgeon if preferred.

Our Rx OS health care staff will personally be by your side giving you the extra assurance for everything from pre-op nerves and post-op recovery.

On return there will be medical support back in Australia providing advice and emergency care as required.

Depending on your procedures, your stay will be 10 nights to 16 nights.

Rx OS Medical clients have the priceless advantage of having their whole experience packaged into a holiday like experience.  Our experts have personally checked out every detail from the surgeon’s credentials, hospital accreditation, the wellness resorts, hotel accommodations and recommended flight agents. We provide expert personalized service without hidden costs. Let Rx OS Medical be your guide!


If you are interested in learning more about our group bookings, please call us (08) 9218 9555 or email [email protected]




  • Management of your surgery with our Cosmetic Surgery Advisor.
  • A Friendly and professional escort from our team who will be with you through your travel, surgery/treatment and recovery.
  • Your Cosmetic, Dental, Medical or IVF Treatment at one of our International Partner Hospitals.
  • A Highly trained, and experienced Medical Team member at your destination, selected by us to best suit your needs.
  • Medical Aftercare in Australia as required for peace of mind.
  • 5 Star Accommodation, for your recovery and relaxation time after your treatment.
  • Breakfast daily in the comfort of your own room.
  • Departure within Australia to the International Destination, and all internal transfers (you will never be by yourself!).
  • Insurance for Travel
  • Hospital insurance (TBC)
  • Options & Extras
  • Finance packages / payment plans
  • RX/OS medical patient liason travels with you
  • Interpreter at initial consultation
  • Shopping Tours
  • Spa + Beauty Packages
  • Complimentary transfers to and from Bangkok Phuket airport and hotel/hospital transfers.
  • We are available by telephone for any medical emergency.
  • Medical advice and treatment will always be administered, by the surgeon or nurses of the hospital.
  • Visits to your Hospital after your surgery to ensure you are recovering well.
  • We can arrange unlimited consultations with your surgeon. If required
  • Transportation to and from the hospital, for your consultation and follow-up appointments.
  • We undertake all hospital administration procedures to make it as stress-free when you arrive.
  • We offer to organise appointments for non-surgical treatments
  • We assist you throughout your medical stay, including attending your  consultations, assist with admission and discharge and other formalities with the hospital.
  • We also visit you in hospital.
Thailand Plastic Surgery

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