At Rx OS Medical we are your cosmetic personal shopper. To help navigate the bewildering world of scalpels and injectables. If you fear the down time, price tags, anaesthesia or haven’t made that particular mental leap.Having a face lift involves a moment of reckoning like acknowledging that you’re going through menopause, adamant surgery phoebes. Sometimes you can spend more on maintenance than you would spend on a facelift, so sometimes surgery is more appropriate.


The Rx OS Medical director Nada Gill is not new to working in the surgical field or having cosmetic surgery. She has worked in both the non-surgical and surgical cosmetic industry to help determine the most suitable path to achieve ones goals. Nada is now also working in her cosmetic clinic and for many years previously with some of Australia’s most experienced cosmetic plastic surgeons. This came about after steering a pharmaceutical sales career into the pharmaceutical cosmetic service industry selling breast implants and other surgical/medical devices including skin care.


Nada has travelled throughout the country meeting and discussing breast implants with plastic cosmetic surgeons and other interested parties. She went into operating theatres around the nation and watched plastic reconstruction and cosmetic procedures.


Australian surgeons are well trained. Health care is regulated, hospitals and day surgeries are accredited to the highest of standards, however many Australias are choosing to have treatment overseas by international plastic and cosmetic surgeons (with expertise and having held in high regard), in world class facilities, accredited to standards that are more superior that those Australia, in some cases. But what is it all about:

Why overseas surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a big business and the market it’s growing each year. The Australian cosmetic surgeon’s physician are in the business of protecting their market. Often the press are invited to information to sensationalise adverse outcomes.

Why does the cost vary so much?

The reality is that health care in Australia is costly compared to other economies. Minimum wage, shift penalties, cost of goods. The fee of surgeons and our living expenses in contrast to Asia.

Why go overseas?

When going overseas you are provided an outstanding service. Accommodation, recovery time, privacy and service.